Be in the venue on time( 9am - Saturday, 10am - Sunday). We start our program at planned time. Hope to see you all on time.

Registration and lunch we have planned for around 200 participants.

Oracle is going to have a booth in the event. You can get discount for JavaOne ticket from 10 to around 40+%

Lunch for both days will be provided (still there are hotels close by if someone prefers to eat outside)

Coffee and Snacks will be provided

Parking facility available (inside premise, and also paid parking)

Hands on - We have Ubuntu systems. You can also bring your laptops if you like.

We are planning to have a discussion session in the event called "Contributors meetup" this is unique for people who have passion in contributing to the Java community. Contribution in any ways mainly Open source or JSR etc.
If you have passion in contribution you are welcome. no education, no qualification, professionals or students anyone. just walk in the the meetup and bring with new ideas!

We request you to be in the venue on time. Please register if you are really confirming. Your registration helps us to plan and execute the event in proper way

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  • Dr. Venkat Subramaniam
  • Guruprasad Shenoy
  • Balaji Srinivasaraghavan
  • Ragunath Jawahar
  • Manigandan Venkataraman
  • Kaleeswaran
  • Rajmahendra Hegde

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